Our Services

IPZ is a complete program to help you start and grow an immigration practice. IPZ is multi-faceted, and you have access to all the tools offered from the inter-personal and informational tools to the location and equipment tools. Here are a few of the things you’ll receive:

Tools at Your Service

Service Offerings

Supported Office Space

Members will get shared office space – with furniture, internet connection, access to meeting/training rooms, printer, photocopier (paid service) and a common reception for clients.



IPZ members have access to a panel of mentors who provide them with the expert advice relating to the establishment and growth of their practices. Members will be required to work with the mentors assigned by the IPZ.


IPZ members are required to attend weekly workshops and seminars by experts on immigration practices as well as a wide variety of business topics including business setup, marketing, human resources and bookkeeping. Workshops and seminars are carefully chosen to help our members succeed with their immigration practices. 

Networking Events

IPZ members have weekly networking events with leading players in immigration and other related fields.

Practice Development Guidance

IPZ members will enjoy access to resources, evaluation of their plans, identifying areas of need, developing a work plan to address those needs including identifying expertise and services needed to move the plan forward and timeframes for major tasks to be completed. The initial assessment is conducted upon acceptance to IPZ and will continue regularly as required.

Service Fees

Monthly membership fee is $1500+taxes.