How to Make an Immigration Practice Successful

P+ P + P = What?

Before you launch your immigration practice ask yourself and answer the following questions:

  1. What are the variables in the above equation “P + P + P?”
  2. What does “What” mean?

To help you along, and to save you countless hours of time and energy trying to solve the equation, the answer to:
P + P + P = What
Planning + Practice + Perfection = Your Successful Immigration Practice

Plan First

Ranking right up there with a Nobel Prize formula for mathematics, this simple equation will move you forward with your immigration consultancy. An integral part of a successful career is putting your best foot forward in the planning stages. Who you work with and in what surroundings are the questions you need to answer during this phase of strategic planning.

If you’ve been thinking about starting an immigration practice then it’s time to put actions into words. Answer the questions rolling around your brain with a written plan. Put on your shoes, take those big steps and propel yourself forward with your practice.

If you are a first-time practitioner you have deliberated much. Don’t be afraid to take a simplified straightforward approach to build your immigration practice.

Also, critical to planning and growing your immigration practice is knowing that what you say and do counts. An excellent rule to follow is to always under-promise and over-deliver to your clients and employees. Treat everyone with respect. It is critically important to stay focused on your goals and remember that loyalty works both ways. Taking responsibility for your actions will serve you well in all wakes of your immigration practice.

Some very practical steps for building your immigration practice follow your educational experiences. Moving your business forward quickly requires you to proceed cautiously with the following steps:

Step 1: Secure funds to start-up your immigration practice.
Step 2: Get your credentials in order to hang your shingle.
Step 3: Choose the structure (legal entity).
Step 4: Get your licenses in order.

Creating a business plan is optimum. While not required for operations you are strongly encouraged to have practice guidelines. A basic plan – committing ink to paper – begins the process of manifesting your dreams into reality. It’s time to take the bulls by the horn.

“If you can believe it, the mind can achieve it”.
Ronnie Lott, an American athlete

Practice Second

Now that you have decided to put yourself behind the wheel, focus on implementing plans for service and growth. Control your destiny and the direction of your company’s future by engaging repeatedly in best practices for immigration services.

Since cloning yourself is not an option you must decide how best to use your limited work hours. Decide early on which immigration practice formula you desire for growth perfection. There is no right or wrong way to increase your practice but practices often transition into other businesses depending on the path you select. Predicting your revenue using the horizontal growth model will be simpler. Basically, this means one of two things: grow your business in other geographic locations and/or increase products and services within your own market. Your clients will always desire excellent quality service in a timely fashion.

Perfection Third

Certainly not last in the list of P’s, and of equal value, is the thought of being flawless. No one is without defect. You can provide, as close as humanly possible, perfection for your immigration clients. We often think the more is the merrier: more clients equals more money. A point, however, for you to consider is that your immigration practice can still achieve monetary greatness with legendary rewards by providing top quality work for reasonable industry-standard fees.

You will prove your worth and gain continued value in your immigration practice using these standards as your guide. It is essential you always have the best of intentions.

While noble goals are fleeting, your immigration enterprise success depends on combining secret ingredients together for an award-winning recipe. Maintaining good habits, solid morals and top-notch integrity will earn you the Top Chef of Immigration Practice award.

Since you are the expert in your immigration practice, ponder who else should be involved. As an entrepreneur, you have chosen to stand up and be counted as an immigration practice consultant. Move beyond your daily acts of service and remember your name and reputation will forever be linked to the high expectations for outstanding services rendered.

Though you may not have defined it as such, your past thoughts and present planning have brought you to this place and time. As you continue pondering what will be involved in running your immigration practice, know that advance planning, impeccable attributes and experience in immigration consulting will lead you to your clients and vice versa.

By putting all three phases together – planning, practice and perfection – you have come full circle and your plan is coming to fruition.

Practice makes perfect

How you build your successful immigration practice depends on you and the people you decide to take along your entrepreneurial ride to freedom. You have made the choice of being an outstanding citizen – a future international star – being recognized for service to others.

Promoting kindness, neighbourly associations and incorporating integrity and honesty into your immigration practice will help distinguish you from others while you practice what you preach. Remember the immigration community needs leaders like you. Rise above mediocrity and focus on your goals to define prosperity in your own way.

As you engage in the daily acts as a master immigration consultant, you will enjoy favourable results in your profession. The process of immigrating can be a daunting proposition for many. Using your knowledge and experience advising and working to help others immigrate and increase their opportunities for study, work, travel and business is required for global economic growth. Truly a benefit of advancing your career comes the knowledge that you, and your valuable contributions to society, will be forever appreciated.