About Us

What is IPZ ?

IPZ creates an environment where you can build  or expand your immigration practice by interacting with experienced practitioners business professionals, leading experts and other influencers. Consider it to be your first stop on the road to success.

Building Immigration Success in You

How IPZ Helps You Reach Your Goals ?

Available only to lawyers, Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCIC) and Certified Paralegals who are members in good standing of a law society or other designated body of a province or territory in Canada, IPZ is much more than just a workspace. With a well designed program and a body of mentors and partners, IPZ is well positioned to take your career to the next level. Our mission is to ensure your success by providing you with all the practical knowledge and advice you need relating both to immigration law and business. 

 Our Advisory Council is made up of leading immigration practitioners, business professionals and other experts.  

 IPZ has only three intakes per year, January, May and September. Each intake spends four months at IPZ following the specially designed program consisting of private mentorship sessions, meetings with business professionals, expert seminars and networking events. IPZ members exit the program at the end of four months after a successful presentation to their fellow participants. 

 To ensure the success of our members, the number of members at any one time is limited to twenty. Applications to join IPZ are also subject to approval by the intake panel.


The space IPZ occupies is a key element to the programs benefits for those looking to branch out on their own. Within this central location, you’ll be able to access affordable office space, shared equipment, meeting rooms and administrative assistance to keep your overhead low, but performance high as you get your business and career underway.

Having someone to turn to, to ask questions and bounce ideas off of is one of the greatest benefits you’ll receive through IPZ. You will also have access to an experienced team of experts and suppliers you can reach out to for various needs. You will also be part of weekly educational seminars to further your knowledge of the field and business as a whole.

As part of the IPZ program, you’ll be recognized as one of the growing immigration practitioner in a thriving, supported network. Being part of a successful group is one of the greatest marketing tools available. The success of others in the IPZ network will automatically shine a positive light on you and your business.